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Who are we?

O FELIZ ANGOLA is a company specialized in metallic construction, sheet profiling, cutting and bending of sheets, construction of lighting columns and communication towers, metalworking in stainless steel and construction support equipment rental and sale.

What do we do?

With a portfolio of well-known projects and clients, O FELIZ ANGOLA has the required knowledge and means to serve in the global market, with solutions starting at the conception and elaboration of the project, all the way to the construction and final assembly.

How do we do it?

Combining a policy of continuous investment in state of the art equipment and a focus on highly qualified and competent staff, the company is able to maintain a production capacity and an immediate response to the market's demands and requests.

Innovation Policy

Business sustainability lies in the ability to generate innovative ideas and the appreciation of the knowledge that can generate value for the market.
For us, the Innovation activities are a critical factor of competitiveness, a lever for the creation of competitive advantages that can set us apart, the skills, the valuation, the adherence to the applicable requirements and the return of the invested capital.
Therefore, we are committed to keep an Investigation Development and Innovation Management System, so as to promote the continuous improvement, develop internal creativity and ensure a correct knowledge management.

Quality Policy

Working in an extremely competitive market, where clients are more and more demanding, the Administration of O FELIZ ANGOLA believes that only with a real involvement, a strong market orientation, the optimization of all resources and a reduction of the activities which do not add value, as well as a strict compliance with the legal and statutory requirements applicable to the product, a sustained growth can be possible.
We are committed to this goal, believing that together we will improve the performance of our organization and we will stand as a reference company.

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